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fumbling with editing software

As if getting the exposure settings and focus right as well avoiding amphetamine-like camera shake wasn’t hard enough! Even if I managed to get the pretty raw footage I’ve been lusting after for so long, I still wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Enter the wide wild world of video editing software.

iMovie, Final Cut Pro/Express, Premiere Pro/Elements…there are quite a few to choose from and I’m sure there are tons more. I bought myself a copy of FCE off eBay for the bargain basement price of $49, only to find out that Apple decided to not support 1080p and a few other things I really would have liked as well. As a consequence, my playtime with Final Cut Express has been shorter than how long it takes you to say ‘consumer iProducts make more money than professional software’.

My first ‘short’, if you could even call it that, was therefore made by adding three clips to iMovie and clicking ‘export’.

The simplicity of it amazed me but the final product was also no editing masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I got a good idea of what is possible and even a tiny bit of colour-grading didn’t seem to hard to achieve.

Final Cut Pro would obviously be a nice choice, despite the lack of x64 support and a few other niggly bits, but at $700 minimum it’s also out of my reach for now so it’s just going to remain a distant dream.

premiere pro logo

I love trials

Likewise, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, which demands a similarly prohibitive price tag, is also out of the picture. However, it also comes with a nice free trial option, which lets you install it on your machine and run unrestrictedly for 30 days…per email address! My  temporary ghetto solution for now is to just run on empty with PP until I run of email addresses to run trials with. So far so good! I’ve been watching a few how-to vids over at lynda.com which have been enormously helpful. Chad Perkins is a fast-talking yank who manages to succinctly bring his points across in a way I like. Highly recommended!

I’ve shot a few more bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks, including a wedding which I’ve been using as my trial project for cutting together something resembling a coherent wedding vid. So far, I haven’t had much luck but I’ll post it as soon as I’m more or less happy with what I’ve assembled.

Stay tuned,