and he learns how to fade!

Well, waddayaknow? I finally taught myself how to fade in and out rather than just making brutal jumpy cuts! Naturally, I completely overdid it and there is now no clip that doesn’t fade around somehow. I’ve also figured out how to add titles. I’ve added more than I should have too, of course.

Yes, it’s been a revelatory day.

The actual footage is not very interesting, I’m afraid…I’ll get to that later. The AV guy at work asked me to shoot some test footage with the 60D, so I obliged and dutifully managed to capture some mundane scenes around the house, sans stabilisation and as shaky as ever. I’m starting to get a wee bit better though.

Editing this took about 3 hours, the first 1-2 of which I spent trying to figure out how to fade in and out, etc.

The music is a beautiful piece by Kaki King called Neanderthal.

Let me know what you think!




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