First steps: Makin’ burgers

Alright. I’ve shot some of my first video footage ever, without any stabilisation or other kinds of support, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell within the first 4 seconds.

It’s is (obviously) shot indoors with my only lens wide open, which resulted in an extremely shallow depth of field, just like its maker intended.

The resulting three short clips were thrown into iMovie and overdubbed with a countryish song I like by the Avett Brothers and presto! My first vimeo masterpiece!!

Well, no. I mean, yes, it’s on vimeo but it probably shouldn’t be. It’s certainly no masterpiece! It’s shaky, blurry, completely bokeh-overboard and badly colour-graded but…it’s mine!



Everybody has to start somewhere.

The good thing about being an absolute beginner is that you have no (well, ok, maybe little) shame and can get away with pretty much anything. And the nice people over on vimeo actually watched my ‘piece’ and one guy even liked it, probably because it had burgers in it. His (or her?) user name is Barbecue Tricks after all 😉


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